Jacob Jones Martinez

Jacob was born in a medium sized city in a medium sized house to a medium sized family.  Please don’t listen to him when he tries to tell stories of growing up in A) a small town, B) the ‘hood, or C) the big bad city.

There are times when you will hear him say, “My daddy always told me. . . ” followed by some nugget of wisdom he supposedly garnered from his father.  Fortunately, any wisdom his mother or father imparted to him cannot be doled out in fortune cookie bits of simplicity but instead tend to guide his actions like a cartoon cricket.

More often than not he can be found riding his bike, on his computer, or parenting.  Alternatively, he also enjoys cooking for friends and family, baking biscuits, and learning how to juggle well.

He is currently a regular contributor at Vegan Mainstream, and an occasional contributor to the Rad Dad Zine, a radical parenting zine.

He is a graduate of a medium sized university in Texas and a medium ranked law school in Oregon.  Feel free to email him.

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Ride fast. Live slow.

The title of this website comes, loosely, from the lyrics of a Tim Barry song called Avoiding Catatonic Surrender. This website is about wanting to share experiences of living an active and deliberate life. What does that mean? We’ll see. Stick around and let’s find out together.